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tv   Headline News  RT  April 21, 2013 5:00pm-5:29pm EDT

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terror attack since nine eleven the brothers who spend around half their lives living in the united states are believed to have carried out monday's twin explosions which killed three and wounded more than one hundred days later they were traced in a fierce manner and saw one brother dead and the other critically wounded he's now under armed guard says it kind of looks back at the week which kept boston in fear . mayhem took place here at an area still cordoned off at a sporting event that attracted tens of thousands of participants and thousands of spectators from all over the world two bombs went off just seconds apart from each other at the finishing line of the boston marathon the explosions were so strong that the some debris flying on rooftops ripping off people's lives leaving three people dead and over a hundred and seventy five people injured despite all of the money the united states spends on security it was a surveillance camera of a department store that helped pinpoint the two brothers behind the tragedy several memorials like this one have been set up throughout the city of boston to remember
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the victims of the three people who died including an eight year old boy two young women a twenty nine and twenty three year old over a dozen victims remained in critical condition for several days many of them needing follow up surgeries despite having between the two suspects lived in an apartment on the third floor of this building in cam bridge now they came to the united states the two brothers of chechen origin back in two thousand and two the younger brother joe hart became a naturalized citizen on september eleventh last year the older brother had a green card dreamt of joining the united states olympics boxing team to get a passport all of the people who knew them were shocked to find out that they're the suspects in the bombings but law enforcement officials are saying that they had indications from the russian government to look into the identity of the older brother to me we did in fact bring him in for questioning back in two thousand and eleven to try to establish any possible links to extremist groups at this time they
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removed the older brother and of course now following the days after the bombings at the finishing line of the boston marathon law enforcement tried to establish any possible links the brothers might have had with extremist groups after monday's bombings late on thursday afternoon the f.b.i. finally released photos of the two suspects the ended up coming out of their. fighting killing an mit officer hijacking a car releasing the person to whom that car belonged and got in a car chase with police the police officers said that the two brothers were throwing explosive devices out of their car and shooting over a dozen police officers were wounded as a result eventually the older brother twenty six year old to milan got out of the car to continue the shootout with the police officers the younger brother stayed in the car ended up running over his older brother getting a win the car which he eventually abandoned and was able to get away on foot in the meantime police officers captured to marilyn and took him to this hospital in
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boston suffering multiple injuries this is where he died shortly after one thirty am on friday morning and unprecedented manhunt for joe hart continued for over twenty eight hours involving thousands and thousands of federal and local law enforcement officers we're currently in watertown just several minutes outside of boston now law enforcement officials have established a perimeter in this area going from door to door trying to locate joe harz whereabouts where they ended up with finding him was just a block away from the area they were searching he was hiding out in one of the houses in this area in a dry docked boat a local neighbor in the person living in this area saw a blood trail and led police to the area where just car was hiding now a helicopter off the officials was also able using heat signature technology to locate joe hart hiding out in this boat even though he was covering himself up now
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it's important to note that a two hour standoff and shootout between police and joe hart continued eventually we know that there was negotiating attempts because the officials were very interested in getting him alive eventually they were able to arrest him take him into custody following his arrest your heart was taken to. the same hospital where his brother died also suffering severe injuries he's undergoing medical treatment under heavy security and officials are saying that the legal proceedings against him will begin as soon as he's able to communicate after a week filled with tragedy shock fear and a mass lockdown the city of boston has breathed out a sigh of relief but locals want to see justice and find out the motives behind the terror rocks that made so many question the illusion of safety they have been living under mr markey massachusetts. the suspect's family claims that they've been
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under a few hours of aliens for the past five years and refuse to believe the young man carried out the atrocity we traveled to the north caucuses with the brothers pair of snow live to try to learn more about the. that middle and sad naive and amateur boxer who dreamt of representing his adopted country the united states he claimed to have no american friends but married a local woman katherine and they shared a daughter by contrast his younger brother john had a period well adjusted popular in high school and even won a college scholarship yet sadly they were revealed as the main suspects in the boston marathon bombings their father was the first to step up to claim his two boys who are set up i'm confident in my children's innocence and i'm not sure what have thought that he only god knows no one in the household any weapons i think my children may have been framed their mothers to be died shared her biggest suspicion
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telling r.c. their to her family was under constant asked be i serve aliens raising the question why her sons were not stopped if they were supposedly planning terrorists in our house nobody talked about the caribbean and my son or got involved in the reagan archives years ago he was told by a b i like fly by he knew that they knew what my doing. what action what. they were going to how could it happen how could they were conjoined we. never ever had this is not my two sons are in an ethnically chechen that family first moved from kyrgyzstan to dagestan a republican russia's north caucasus this is the house where the brothers' parents live but now there is no one here it's not a nice family i voicing any contact with the media neighbors here are in deep shock
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at the news in does believe that any of this happening to the knife family i know the brothers very well from the childhood we used to live in chechnya together was the name. then we moved here i know they couldn't have carried out the attack and they couldn't have been involved in it they spent most of their lives in the us studied works that they didn't have any links with the hobbyists and other militants the youngest brother joe hart on his plate of the social network spent back to mansion of this school number one in the high school in monkey those places where he used to study however here are very few people remember the title knives brothers. beautiful family came to dagestan in september two thousand and one with the boys from their old style school then they apparently managed to get papers to leave darkest dawn they left in less than a year they didn't spend a long time here and they didn't grow up. in search of a new line and new ambitions indeed after a decade in the u.s.
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the heart became an american citizen last year but in that time something or someone made the top of my brother's seemingly turn against the nation which gave them asylum and then we stayed spans the most significant part of their lives i do not question or i see reporting from russia is that you stand republic well as we've been reporting russia probably warned the f.b.i. that one of the suspects was following radical islam but invesco is presently saw nothing suspicious that former us federal agent coleen rowley explained to us why she thinks the case wasn't properly pursued. well there's this two up possible explanations here and maybe both one is there's this idea that when you're looking for a needle in the haystack the answer is to put more hay so they are collecting a lot of data lots of data massive data and innocent americans that's all part of this top secret america and actually it turns out the feeling you get and don't
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call me in on the real critical pieces the other offer tensional explanation is that you know that this idea terrorism is such a confusing concept because we have our terrorists and their terrorists it's that the definition is supposed to be our acts of violence against civilians for political purposes but you see this over and over where there that you us considers that there are good rebels and good freedom fighters at the very least the separatists in other countries are not considered as terrorists the lack of follow up that the f.b.i. has had is not unusual since nine eleven america's national security policies put a tug brought on to war and to this believes this for law and so the military to keep the country. at home. since september eleventh the united states government has sent spent hundreds of billions of dollars for government security agencies
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right now i'm sure as out happened after september eleventh private security companies are salivating over the new contracts that are are soon to come of course there is a business there there's a there's profits and even mega profits made by this kind of security apparatus there is no indication that such an attack was coming so is it possible by the by by using military methods and security methods alone to stop terrorist attacks to protect society i don't think so we can see though that the u.s. policy at home and abroad as well is almost exclusively based on. towards a security towards militarization towards the abrogation of civil rights and civil liberties which i think ultimately don't defend protect and make people more secure . the revelation of the boston bombing suspects are of chechen origins led to a quick shift to an american attitudes towards the region no doughty dot com
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a website was opinion on how the standard u.s. portrayal of chechen groups as freedom fighters changed overnight to depict the now as ferocious militants. the boston marathon attacks would not the only trying to hit the u.s. since last week of course a powerful blast ripped through that small texas town a wednesday after a fertilizer plant caught fire at least fourteen people lost their lives most of the motions he responded as an almost two hundred people were injured. well you know. i think we're a little bit you know it was a huge explosion which is believed to have been an accident it flattened entire neighborhoods in the town of west leaving several schools in a nursing home in ruins a spokesman for the texas department of public safety was at the scene he described what he sort of. i can tell you i was there i walked through the blast area our
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search some houses earlier tonight massive just like iraq just like the murray building in oklahoma city same chrono exploded so you can imagine what kind of damage we're looking out there. the disaster is believed to be caused by a mostly of nitrate a potentially explosive fertilizer stored at the plant and large quantities fears over toxic leak and further loss lead then to mass evacuation but now the people start to return to their homes again and there remains a big question mark over how the plants slipped through the net of safety inspectors i spoke to dr jeffrey patterson from the school of medicine it was constant university in the week who thinks federal regulations are protecting business interests at the cost of human life. there's been this montreaux that we have to deregulate we have to take away regulations so business can thrive and obviously we see examples like this or fukushima for example where when we do that
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we suffer the consequences in the end and so i think we're seeing it with the environmental protection agency today where they are probably getting new regulations if there is another. that will allow all of the clean up to be much more lax than it currently is and not force people to be moved out of the area because of radiation damage so there's this tremendous move. to deregulate things to take away the powers of the e.p.a. and other regulatory agencies and i think that's we're seeing now that that's a very dangerous precedent coming out this little time to celebrate for venezuela's new leaders he gets a rough ride from his rivals to talk about that in a few minutes also two israeli police parade and palestinian teenager in front of an angry crowd say they just wanted to calm the protests stories ahead.
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the international airport in the very heart of moscow. again nicolas maduro has taken the reins of power in one of the world's most oil rich nations he was sworn in as friends as well as president on friday but it's been a rough start for the chosen successor of the late to go chavis as his narrow victory sparked post-election violence that left seven people dead the government blames the opposition for instigating the clashes which erupted when thousands of supporters of materials made rivals took to the street they demanded a total vote recount the country's top electoral body then finally agreed to a partial audit but then as well cautioned that the poll result was irreversible
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totally robinson a professor of sociology at california university told us the protests might be part of an ongoing effort to destabilize venezuela. this is not a new tactic on the part of washington and an attack to the owner is not a new tactic on the part of the new group of the venezuelan opposition and generally the far right in latin america which aligns with washington the idea is you had an all out to start was in this civilization campaign this is simply another tactic within that campaign there's been diplomatic isolation economic sabotage our military activity the time to put it in two thousand and two massive us financing for the internal opposition including for property rights and for the organizations that he represents and so we see this very often when this election which is very close and when the united states wants to get rid of a government in this case them a little government around an election it will launch violence and trying create chaos and instability and the united states will not recognize the result and this is the at least of this is an incredible the pompously on the part of u.s.
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foreign policy because mexico just had elections in which there was massive force because mexico is a close ally of the united states it's the us immediately look recognizes the results only lose the joy just by the opposition with this war the result has no moral authority whatsoever to talk about that there was one of them elections. well even if the vote on it does confirm a terrorist victory the media like the president's going to have some trouble maintaining his predecessor's popularity latin american scholar may go take a solace told us about some of the challenges he's got ahead think it tells us that there are real problems in venezuela and that mother will have a very short period in which he has to begin to address these issues or will have will have a confronting a crisis within his own party and among his own supporters he has to address head on the question of crying the question of inflation the question of infrastructure eliezer real issues that affect real venezuelans and although they felt the pain for a job is a significant number also now begin to criticize and to see them need to actually
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carry through and implement change i think we're going to see a continuation of venezuelans foreign policy i think there's a difference between criticizing us and being anti american i think will see a promotion of latin american policy the promotion of a multi-polar world that is the u.s. is not the dominant issue on their agenda they have relations with russia with china with europe with that with latin american countries and will see i think a continuity within that that's been part of the strength promoted by the chinese administration and my little should recall was the foreign minister in charge of chavez's foreign policy so i very much see continuity during this period. we've got more analysis on what the post charges landscape of venezuela could look like on our website ot the economy avoid not to miss out on our invasion section there you'll find dramatic pictures from the recent protests that along too with plenty of other stories waiting for your online. checkered flag scummed on formula one's
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bahrain grand prix today a race which just hours before it began the sole protests against the elite event being hosted in the country that followed days of mass protests leading up to the race by activists angry that it was being used to mask the gulf kingdom's grave human rights abuses rallies for democratic reform have been ongoing for over two years often turning violent with more than seventy people killed on both sides so far the crackdown even extends to writing on twitter too with the country's most famous human rights activists now bill roger still behind bars for posting anti government messages but he's probably boyko reports now on his struggle. not long before his imprisonment bahrain's most famous human rights campaigner was in london talking to another prominent activist and whistleblower julian assange on its so we came here to london's ecuadorian embassy which the wiki leaks founder has been calling home for some ten months now in order to have a chance about the man at the forefront of bahrain's pro-democracy struggle i began by asking assigns why he was say keen to invite me to be over
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a job interview on his exclusive r.t. show braid has nine hundred thousand people. he has one hundred fifty thousand twitter followers who prides predominantly. the population for. sincere arrests of a number of other activists and grains green people have. never read job. trying to present to the brain so wright was the most prominent voice for the brain spread speaking to julian assange over job was unequivocal about his determination to fight for democracy in bahrain if you have a goal and if you believed you did just still so you'll recall. you will come. to difficulties and you know that the changes that you were fighting for it's been good four hundred years is not an easy
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thing to change. those changes you have to be willing to pay a price and my price might be your life for to be over a job that price has become is freedom three months after that interview was that he was sentenced to three years behind bars but according to a staunch keeping him in prison on the current charges is going to be increasingly difficult for the bahraini government it's a cartoonish form of despotism we don't resile to the same standard criticizing your authority it's hard for the people with that much courage to come. you can't be cowed so i think it's long term prospects are quite good amnesty international have labeled him a prisoner of conscience but unless the international community wakes up to abuses in bahrain there's little hope that maybe over jobs going to be tasting freedom anytime soon. see london's ecuadorian embassy.
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let's focus next on this israeli police are being accused of using a handcuffed palestinian teenager as a human shield it softer a video of depicting how they paraded the youth through angry crowds supposedly in an attempt to try to calm the protesters down a middle east correspondent picks up the story. on friday israeli police paraded those handcuffed palestinian youth during protests that were taking place in the palestinian neighborhood of abu dis which is on the outskirts of east jerusalem human rights groups have accused the army of using the child as a human shield defense for children international palestine has posted a video on you tube that shows helmeted israeli border policeman removing this young palestinian who is identified as mohammad asif interior from the army jeep and forcing him to stand besides them with handcuffed hands raised above his head
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human rights groups have released a statement saying that they're outraged that israeli soldiers continue to use palestinian children in this way as human shields with impunity the claim is that the teen was deliberately exposed to danger after he had been taken into custody and the israeli army spokesperson however has said that the move was to calm the violence especially after four hundred palestinian protesters attacked an israeli border police vehicle for almost four hours earlier this week palestinians mock the annual palestinian prisoners day and this was possible the palestinian national council back in one nine hundred seventy four as a means of consolidating efforts to support palestinian prisoners who are currently being held in israeli jails on wednesday about three thousand palestinian prisoners refused a food this is in solidarity with the event at the same time activists told fifty metres of the prison fence that off the prison which is on the outskirts of ramallah in the west bank where they mounted
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a palestinian flag and this forced the i.d.f. as well as israeli border police to use why it control measures to disperse the group also in gaza hundreds of people marched from gaza city to the offices of the international committee of the red cross the palestinian authority has sent and urgently to to the european union foreign policy chief catherine ashton calling for a prompt intervention to save the life of prisoners in israeli. generals who are currently conducting a hunger strike the most notable among them is a prison or something or other is sol we who has been striking for some three hundred days there are four thousand nine hundred palestinians who are currently held in israeli jails hundred sixty eight of them are under administrative detention without charge or trial. paula slayer in iraq at least two people have been killed and twenty seven wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a restaurant in the city of fallujah near the country's capital that's according to police saturday's provincial elections were by violence too with bombs and mortar
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shells exploding near polling stations injuring dozens iraqis of cast their ballots in the country's first vote since the u.s. combat troops pulled out last year the election also took place against a backdrop of anti-government protests raging in sunni dominated provinces where voting was postponed allegedly to to security concerns the new local authorities have to cope with a country deeply divided along religious and ethnic lines and in the grip of fierce competition for its rich oil reserves. thanks for being with us we do appreciate your company as ever this is coming up we look at an obstinate part of the u.s. that's living by its own rules we invite you then to explore the southern part of texas with this just a few minutes. the
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movie world war z z being first zombie which stars brad pitt as one hundred seventy five million dollar budget has been recalled by paramount executives not because this is probably yet another stupid violent zombie movie but because the chinese might get offended according to the wrap dot com china was supposed to take the blame for starting the evil zombie apocalypse this time but china becoming the largest foreign market for american movies made artistic integrity fly out the window to protect the bottom dollar as is tradition and hollywood this is not the first time that there has been pro-choice censorship in hollywood the remake of red dawn which was originally a cold war era a minstrel show against russians was supposed to show a child. he's invasion of america this time however they have changed it to north koreans who can't even defeat the us military in south korea let alone at an away game in the usa the thing that is interesting is not the censorship is the fact
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that they will do for whoever's got a lot of cash culture the big markets won't be offended but countries with small markets will this is a complete prostitute mentality show that loved any guy who's got bills in his palm you know i was always pretty sure there were a lot of prostitutes working in hollywood i didn't know they actually started making the movies but that's just my opinion. but then. you see yeah. regarding what the republic of texas was in eight hundred thirty six a number of people who had moved here from north america. at the invitation of the mexican government to settle here they were being chased out by the new president of mexico was also a general of the army's there. and they had to defend themselves against south and
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i was armies that lasted for about a year but finally general sam houston leading these volunteers defeated santa ana at a place called sandhya sento and in defeating the president general of mexico they were able to force him to sign a treaty. the treaty formed a new nation and said that he would never again come across the rio grande river to bother of the people in texas any more tree also said. the land of texas. belonged to the people who lived on the land of texas forever and that's a treaty that is perpetual it doesn't go away. so what is the republic of texas now . it is the land of texas one of texas does not belong to the us doesn't belong to the federal go.